Why do Intraday Traders fail?

Most of the traders infact more than 90% of them fail due to their disorder in inherent characteristics not because of wrong method of analysis. It because of behavioral bias which contributes to traders success.

The 5 key attributes where traders fail are:

Know yourself – 

Traders or public usually like to predict the markets rather than knowing themselves regularly in which they fail.


Knowing your strengths and limitations would help traders more than knowing markets as they can better set rules & also know what suits them best.

Lack of Discipline – 

Most of the traders lack discipline in their trading thus they are bound to fail.


A disciplined process based approach in an unstructured environment such as financial markets help one to manage money, risk and trade in a pudent way.

Herd Mentality – 

Listening to media, friends, news etc., and acting upon herd traders are bound to fail.


One has to take sole responsibility of their money, risk and analysis, & needs to except mistakes when wrong then only traders can be successful.

Over Trading – 

Traders trying to call every market turn to recover historical losses or make more money quickly leads to over trade and thus fail.


The over trading occurs mainly due to fear and greed. A balanced disciplined approach could be the solution for traders towards successful trading.

Risk Management – 

Most traders fail due to improper risk management.


The key to successful trading is all about how manage your money and risk. The ultimate aim of a trader should be to trade with prudent stop loss to protect capital. As it is said that, one needs to be alive to hunt next time. Thus, preservation of capital is very important to be successful in trading.

Happy & Successful Trading for Traders !!!

We believe investing is a game of chess not a random gamble, as it is quoted by the legendary investor & trader “Discount the obvious and be the unexpected” – Gorge Soros. Thus, it all depends on your think + ability

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