The state owned public sector banks have been under performers from past many years due policy paralysis and bad governance issues. Therefore, market share of PSB Banks have been shrinking one way down and the beneficiaries over the years have been private sector banks & NBFC’s (Non-Banking Financial Companies). Can PSU Banks recoup their market share back to some extent? The retail investors have been frustrated with no to very dismal negative returns in PSB stocks.


The million dollar question is, can there be a change in investment cycle for PSB’s ????



Will the fortune for Public Sector Banks Change ???



What does the charts unfold for PSB’s ???



It is always said that, ” Crowd is always right except the major market turns”. Also usually big money is made by informed far sighted investors and traders during misplaced pricing or distressed valuations. The charts hint a probable completion of Wave II or B. Even if Wave B assuming have started there could be a some potential multi-baggers in making in the sector.


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