NIFTY Outlook for the Day 10 April 2019

NIFTY PIVOTS 10 April 2019 NIFTY Daily Clusters The NIFTY forms an inside bar candlestick pattern on Daily Charts the breakout of range on either side could give a swift move of 100 - 150 points on both sides. Now are in the range of 11662 - 11762. S1- 11707 S2-11664...

will Maruti Suzuki Boom or Doom post Q3 results?

Maruti Suzuki will Q3 results make stock boom or doom. It has been a stellar performer in the year 2016 and 2017 from 3000 more than tripled almost touched 10000. since then stock has been under-performing now trading crucial level down almost 30% from highs at 7163....

NIFTY stuck in a trading range : A path ahead

NIFTY stuck in a trading range broadly 10700 to 10900 oscillating in between. A range breakout on either side could yield 250 - 300 points swiftly. Thus professional trader needs to trade contra as we are stuck in a coil pattern until the range breakout occurs on the...

S&P 500 witnessing strong sell off

                                    CHART   The US Equities S & P 500 and Dow Jones have witnessed strong sell off from last two trading sessions. The move in US equities was fierce and gap down did not see much of a recovery closed near the lows of the day....

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The importance of Leverage in Intraday Trading

Leverage : Introduction The leverage is a business of taking an extra risk for potential reward from the minimum available resources. In trading terms, the leverage is an additional exposure margin to a trade provided by broker for day traders. An exchange listed...

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The Ultimate successful Intraday Trading Tips

  First of all, most of you might be eager to know what intraday tips we might be sharing for today. If we share which stock or commodity to buy or sell it be injustice. So we have decided to share some of the ultimate intraday trading tips on how you can be...

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Why do Intraday Traders lose money in markets?

  Why do Intraday Traders fail or lose money? The million dollar question and one of most debated topic is more than 85% of the Intraday traders fail or lose money in markets. Therefore, today let's see some of the key attribute which day Traders lack and because...

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What is Day Trading?

Day Trading - Introduction   A Day trading or intraday trading is buying or selling security - stock/ commodity/ Index/ currency within a single day. Typically day traders use momentum in stocks or commodities or forex to buy or sell.  Thus, a intraday trader ...

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Tata Global Q2 results : does charts hint intermediate bottom?

        Tata Global Daily Chart (30 October 2018)                                        Can Q2 results bring cheer for Tata global Tata Global Beverages going to announce Q2 results today. Can the results bring back the cheer on the stock ?? would it be a tragedy for...

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Two Powerful Intraday Trading Tips

Lets know the two key powerful tools to be successful in Day Trading: Out of many lets have a check two key attributes to be successful in Intraday Trading are Stress Management and Adaptability. Stress Management - One of the most important mantra to be a successful...

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Titan Industries : Trading using simple techniques

                                                                          Daily Chart Titan company crashed 8% was the trade setup identifiable ???  We will discuss one of the many parameters and simple way to identify a STAR trading opportunity. A low risk high...

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Dish TV : Trading using simple Trading Techniques

Weekly Chart  First of all, the identification of STAR trading setup and sticking with it is key to swing trading success. Dish TV breaks corrective advance channel and multi weeks low below 66-67. It trades below short term Exponential Moving Average (EMA) confirming...

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