Lets know the two key powerful tools to be successful in Day Trading:

Out of many lets have a check two key attributes to be successful in Intraday Trading are Stress Management and Adaptability.

Stress Management

One of the most important mantra to be a successful DayTrader is determined by, how you manage your stress.

Some of the tips to manage stress are as follows:

  • A trader should have a calm and composed mind to keep check on stress.
  • One should have good money & risk management strategy in place, which automatically keeps your stress in control.
  • Also as a trader we should a trading process in place, which incorporates objectivity in our trading.


The another important mantra to be successful Intraday trader is to be adaptable.

To be a successful Day Trader you need to be more adaptable or flexible as per the need of the situation.

A tip to achieve adaptability is by having a pre-built process in place and following it religiously.

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