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    Can Bank NIFTY hit bulls eye following perfect Elliot wave pattern ???

The Elliot Wave counts in Asia’s most traded index is in strong impulse move upwards. The probable wave counts indicate most likely in Wave III of 3 of v, which could gain 10-15% more with a targets  _ _ _ _ _. Yes, you have heard it right. The traders are advised to tighten seat belts as still more is coming on upside. The news of all NPA is getting fizzled out or discounted. The Bank NIFTY is marching ahead as per the time series forecast. The charts hint probable top by end of October 2018.  But before that, still more fire works are left. Hence enjoy the bumpy ride by tightening your seat belts.

Are there still multi-baggers in a mature ongoing trend in BANK NIFTY?

Yes. Now, time to select multi-bagger/s in Bankex sounds surprising. But still that’s true ….

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The short and medium term Elliot Wave counts are intentionally not shown here. The detailed counts are discussed in the insider community for members.

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