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Intraday Trading

In this Covid – 19 scenario, most of them are looking for a 2nd income or few of them are in danger of losing their jobs. This kind of uncertain scenarios one needs to come out of skin to win. One needs to stand still, tall and firm to build skills and wealth rather than getting into the shell.

Most of you might ask a question can trading be a career or second income earning profession?

Many of us fear of losing and considering trading as a riskier job. But, “if you know what you are doing you are going to be successful”, as quoted by legendary investor – Warren Buffet. Thus, firstly one needs to learn the tricks of the game to be in the game to win.

Also it is not about being fearless but it is about how you act in-spite in fear as quoted by Veronica Roth. Thus, a balanced and proportionate approach can make you stable as well as help you move towards financial freedom.

To achieve financial freedom, let’s know:

5 – simple steps to become a Master Day Trader

Building your Mindset – The right frame of mind set and know what suits an individual is the key to be a successful Day Trader. Thus, building your mindset is pivotal to help you to earn consistent income and create wealth.

Trading Clusters – It is said that, always trade with the trend never fight against it. Thus, it’s pivotal to identify the trading cluster to gauge the trends and ride them successfully to become a successful trader.

Power Day Trading Patterns  – The importance of patterns lies inside them. Thus, understand and apply high probable patterns with in a revamped way can make you a successful Day Trader.

Price Action Trading Strategies  – No matter you trade Index or stock or commodities. It is always important to select right strategy and apply systematic techniques to be a successful trader.

Goal Setting, Planning & Execution – The setting goal with a plan and executing it in an efficient way is the key to become Master Day Trader.

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