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Is Gold entering a big bear market?


Gold. Is the big bear coming in precious metal ??? Across the world people have been using yellow metal has an hedge during the uncertainty in the economy. While in emerging countries such India, China etc., people have fantasy for Gold as they use it as pride, savings for their difficult times or fancy.

But in last 7 years gold has given no returns after making a top near $ 1900 in dollar terms after 10 years of bull run from 2001-2011. It has corrected to 1050 from 1900 and has been in the range from 1050-1400 zones since then. Thus, the return on investment on the asset class has been negative in the asset class.

Will the Gold give return in next 3 years or gets back its lost shine is the million dollar question ???

Noo ….. The answer is Gold can repeat the Crude Oil fractal nature before any meaning full structural rally …..

We are the mid point of larger degree correction in yellow metal Gold. it has broken below short term trendline on monthly charts. After completion of impulse from 200 – 1900 zone we are in most probable in cycle degree zigzag correction, which can drag Gold southwards to _ _ _  / _ _ _  /  _ _ _.

The yellow metal can head south whopping 50% or more down from current levels. Yes, you have heard it right. Gold can come down more than 50% (CMP USD 1228) from current levels as per Elliot wave structure.

It worth to invest in any other asset class as an investment rather than hiding in yellow metal ….

The precious metalGold on larger degree has broken the trend down and heading south but trading it requires objectivity in short and medium term. To know the trade setup for short and medium term on Gold, Silver, Zinc, Copper and other metals & Energy – Crude Oil and Natural Gas and also learn while you earn join our Traderz Hut community on Telegram, Traderz Hut – discussion forum here and Live Trading workshops.

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