A live online Trading Room exclusive for Traders to learn to identify trade setups and trade with a mentor. A Traderz Hut trading room is not a normal advisory for traders to get calls and trade.

In our online live trading room, you are going learn to identify trade setups – a rationale behind the trade with application of technical analysis on charts and earn is well. You will also learn continuously in our weekly community webinars about the current weeks’ trends in Equities and commodities and, we will deduce forthcoming weeks trends for same. Further, in our community webinars you are going learn about elite real-time trading strategies to learn earn and prosper.

“Trading is a toughest way to make easy money”, so unlock the doors towards your financial freedom in a process driven way and learn to establish high probable trade setups to win more than you lose.

About Mentor:

The Mr. Raju Angadi Vishwanath, MS, CFTe is a Certified Financial Technician from IFTA, USA with more than a decade of experience in researching and trading in various financial asset classes such as Equities, commodities and currencies and founder of Traderz Hut – A trader’s education initiative. He has worked with few mid-sized brokering firms in various positions of research in Derivatives – Equities and commodities desk carries vast experience in financial markets.

He is also a SEBI registered individual Research Analyst (RA) to provide research services to traders and investors in financial markets.

SEBI Registration Number:   INH200007584

Advisory and Trading Room Access:

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Trading in financial markets in stocks and derivatives involves risk and as a subscriber to any of our services an individual should be responsible enough to take their own risk and Traderz Hut or Raju Angadi Vishwanath is not liable to any of the losses incurred for traders and investors. We at Traderz Hut, though will conduct research to provide unbiased services to best of my knowledge with the qualifications and knowledge attained with an intent to help them. Also, Traderz Hut/Raju Angadi Vishwanath does not manage anybody’s portfolios or trading account. If anyone contacts you in the name of us, it is not us and feel free to contact us on complaint regarding same.