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Master Day Trader Workshop – Overview


Master Day Trader Workshop intends to help traders equipped with simple, yet powerful day trading tested proved strategies to be a successful Day Trader. The program stress mainly on developing mindset to achieve consistency in successful day trading by helping traders build the frame of mind tailor made to their needs as to be successful Day Trader it requires a right strategy as well as mindset. Thus, our tested & proven strategies and psychological traits in all market environments from Traderz Hut aim to hand hold you to be successful Master Trader.

Learn 5-simple steps and become a Master Day Trader

The course structure constitutes of 5 sections and complete course is divided into two parts:  Part A and Part B to make your learning and application simplified. We will hand hold you in your journey to become a successful Day Trader.

  1. Building your Mindset – It is proven that having right frame of mind set and know what suits an individual is the key to be a successful Day Trader. Thus, we intend to help you in building the same to be successful to earn consistent income and create wealth. 
  1. Trend Identification and capturing Trends – It is said that, always trade with the trend never fight against it. Thus, it’s pivotal to identify the trends and ride them successfully so we help you in doing the same. 
  1. Power Day Trading Patterns & Indicators revamped – The importance of patterns lies inside them. We will uncover the myth behind power patterns with indicators and revamp them in advanced way to apply successfully in real time markets in your Day Trading.


  1. Stock selection Methods and effective Day Trading Strategies – No matter you trade Index or stock. It is always important to select right trade setup to be a successful trader and the right strategy to trade. Thus, we teach simple yet proven successful trading strategies. 
  1. Goal Setting, Planning & Execution – To achieve something in life or profession, we need to have goal to aim then a plan to hit the target and execute in an efficient way. Thus, we at Traderz Hut enrich you with powerful and simple methods to set your goal, plan your strategies and execute them in a successful way.                                              Much More ….

Here’s, what you will learn inside?

  • Learn live trade setups in our slack community – Live online trading room every day Learn Earn and Prosper (LEAP)***
  • Learn real-time application of risk, money and trade management strategies
  • No more search for holy grail indicator strategies
  • Stop jumping from one strategy to another – focus on one thing. Master an art of Day Trading and march towards your financial freedom
  • Trade with simple price action setups – “Because Price is Supreme”.
  • Learn psychological traits to become Master Day Trader                                       much more …….

Whom the Master Day Trader – Workshop is for?

  • Anybody Can Trade – ACT now!!! No need for prior experience in trading
  • No voice traders, professionals, experienced traders and experts Anybody can join as we will handhold you in your journey to becoming an independent trader
  • No need for large capital, just need to build a systematic disciplined approach
  • Anybody who is interested in marching towards financial freedom

AFTER 10+ years of trial and error I am sharing proven time-tested successful strategies in DAY TRADING

What are you waiting for ACT now!  
  • Learn powerful and simple two stock selection methods
  • Learn Elite intraday trading strategies
  • Learn to design your own intraday trading system
  • Learn powerful Risk, Money and Trade Management cheat sheet strategies
  • Stop searching for ‘Holy Grail indicators’ or trading systems
  • Save time by following the proven system instead of floundering or following failed systems
  • Follow the case studies with examples to Learn Earn and Prosper – LEAP
  • Build a model yourself to win consistently and march towards financial freedom

Launch only Bonusses

Bonus #1:

  • Get access to Live Mentorship session with trainer – Trade live online and learn practical application of strategies, rationale behind trade setups and charts shared in Traderz Hut community – Slack, Discussion forum and Telegram group ***

Bonus #2:

  • Get access to monthly newsletters for 1-year and Traderz Quest Weekly community webinar for 1-year free **

Bonus #3:

  • Get access to educational videos on Day Trading for 1-year

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Learn Earn and Prosper – LEAP towards your journey to become successful Master Day Trader.


Bundled Packages:

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Day Trading Educational Videos 8,000/PA 3-Months 6-Months 1-Year
1-1 Consulting for 1 – hour Trading plan blueprint customized 2,000 1 time consulting Free 3 times consulting Free 3 times consulting Free
Master Day Trader Club 5,000  1 – Month  2 – Months

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LEAP – Learn Trade setups live in  TraderzHut Community 24,000 /PA  2-Months **   4 – Months **   6 – Months **
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