Monthly Chart

Microsoft corporation – a name itself narrates who doesn’t know Bill Gates or Windows. The magic of Microsoft Windows is itself in the stock price chart. The stock as windows is by far unchallenged now trading above $ 100 USD has been share holders dream stock.

If one would have invested in the it March 2009 around $ 15 USD would have made approximately 7 times excluding dividend bonus and splits in past 9 years.  The stock is in Impulse Wave 3 of Cycle Degree enjoying the dream run after a classical Fry Pan Bottom above 60 further ignition was provided. The investor could have made 77% if calculated in a simple math 7 times return in 9 years.

Is there still more upside for the stock ?

Is stock nearing its confluence zone ?

The Microsoft have been clear multi bagger over the years. This is the magical power of Elliot Waves if applied in an objective way.

Is this the right time to invest or trade in the stock ?

The Elliot Wave counts suggest a near term  stock continue its out performance and it could head towards north. A caution could arise as stock is nearing its medium term confluence zone of cycle degree Wave 3 top which could halt its upward journey.

Till which levels the stock could rise _ _ _. The key confluence zones are _ _ _ and _ _ _.

There is a big STAR trading opportunity in short, medium and long term coming up for the stock.

But, some of the counts and techniques are intentionally excluded in charts.

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