Daily Chart

NIFTY has completed a complex correction come let’s unleash the Elliot wave counts and the probable trade setup.

The likely probable counts of NIFTY seems to have completed complex correction W-(x)-Y-(x)-Z with a principal of equality.

The key clusters to watch out for NIFTY spot are until 11190 and 11110 is held strategy is buy on dips. The upside clusters for NIFTY are 11320 / 11380 and 11441.

The Elliot Wave counts will help us in high probable reversal trade setups. But Elliot wave counts if used objectively with the combination of basics of technical analysis, risk and money management can yield to trading success.

Thus, trading is all about identifying the key cluster zones and execute trade setups with best risk reward ratios. The management of risk and money is key to trading success.

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