Learn basic to advanced day trading, swing trading
, algo Trading and investing best proven yet simple strategies from Industry Experts

Choose your mentor an Industry expert and experienced trader, trainer cum coach to march towards achieving financial freedom and become your own boss. Learn trading and investing from starch and earn your living consistently from scratch to expert successful strategies.

Mentorship program with industry experts on
trading in Financial Markets with the application of basics to advanced technical analysis concepts with simplified risk & money management techniques

A webinar every weekend helps you get the overview of Indian & Global markets. It helps you learn the methods of analysis with mentor & identify elite low risk high reward trade setups for the forthcoming week.

In our Educational Newsletters we provide with real-time examples to learn trading & apply the same to make your trading decisions. Also each week you can get one secret of successful trading or investment strategy would be explained on technical analysis, futures & options, hedging and portfolio management 

We help you in developing financial road map or blue print through proven strategies to grow your money by making wise investments or trading decisions through one-to- one consulting via comprehensive planning after understanding your mindset such as goal setting, personal development plan, managing risk etc., to successfully make yourself competent & channelize your wealth in various investment products tailor made to your needs.



Master Day Trader Workshop intends to help traders equipped with simple, yet powerful day trading

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Trading Room – ACT (Anybody Can Trade)

A live Trading Room for novice Traders to Learn Earn and Prosper

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[P] Square Elliot waves workshop

Master the Elliot Waves to achieve objectivity and success & consistently create wealth in trading and investments
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