Daily Chart
.The US Equities S & P 500 and Dow Jones have witnessed strong sell off from last two trading sessions. The move in US equities was fierce and gap down did not see much of a recovery closed near the lows of the day. Thus, until 2692 on S&P 500 is protected on upside bearish sentiment remains to be intact.

Here the million dollar question is,

Was the fall in US Equity markets of 5% there be captured?

The answer is yes. The trend reversal in S&P 500 perfectly followed both basic and advanced technical analysis techniques. Therefore trend could have been captured wit low risk high probable setup.

A perfect STAR trade setup could have been established.Therefore, there was an opportunity to grab with both hands.

The charts hint high proabable top of 2944 on S&P 500 by application of  [P] Square Elliot Waves.

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