Traders Hut is THE brainchild of Raju Angadi Vishwanath.

He has completed MS & CFTe and enriches a decade of experience in trading Indian Equities, commodities and currencies and is an elite trainer, mentor and coach in technical analysis, trading psychology, behavioral finance and performance enhancement. He has trained and mentored traders & investors from various backgrounds in the process helped them to successfully build consistent wealth.

He carries decade of expertise in analyzing Indian & Global Equities, Currencies and Commodities markets using technical analysis techniques like Dow Theory, objective Elliott Waves, advanced price projection methods, and momentum tools. He has been a Guest Speaker and Core Committee Member ATMA, Bangalore chapter & has been Guest speaker to various B-Schools on Financial Markets Trading and Investing. He has been frequent contributor to newsletters for Association of Technical market Analysts (AMTA), India ATMASPHERE.

He has been a real-time industry practitioner Trader, Technical Analyst, Trainer & mentor and also has- worked in prestigious brokering firms at various positions. He has been regular blogger providing his view on Indian Equities & Commodities and also a guest faculty for various B schools. In the process he has trained personally trained students, professionals, traders on Technical Analysis from basic to advanced concepts, Trading psychology and real-time Investment/Trading strategies & Performance enhancement.



‘We aim to empower traders and investors with unparalleled competitive knowledge in financial markets to build consistent wealth and thus march towards their journey to financial freedom’.


Educate & train traders, investors and public on building wealth or income in financial markets through application of scientific and systematic approach

We assist one to hone their skillsets themselves through workshops on Brain storming – psychology, Goal setting and money & risk management

We exclusively intend to develop traders by empowering them with best skills to gain competitive edge over the rest through Traders Hut community

We thus aim to help you make toughest task of consistent money making easy through our expertise by providing a roadmap towards your financial freedom.

“Investing in Knowledge earns the best interest ….”

To unlock the secrets of successful trading and investing & consistently grow your wealth, you need to hone yourself by investing in your precious time in knowledge. Thus to gain edge over crowd join the community of Traders Hut – A path towards financial freedom …..