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In this article, let us discuss Titan trading strategy using simple techniques. The Titan company crashed 8% was the trade setup identifiable ???

This is one of the many parameters and simple way to identify a STAR trading opportunity for traders. The low risk high probable trade setup in TITAN Industries Ltd can be established. The stock closed 8% down today.

A EMA cross over has been perfectly been working well for the stock one crossed downwards never rose the short term EMA.

Once a double confirmation on fractal time frame gave a bearish trade setup one could have jumped in to setup a short trade below 803 with stop of 818 for targets of 7_ _ _ and _ _ _ .

Thus, a Risk Reward Ration of 1:5 was an ideal trade setup to accept with both hands .Even options 700 PE entered @ 6 gave more than 500% returns rising to highs of 33.60. Thus, a perfect day trading setup as well as swing trading setup was established in the stock today.

Therefore, to establish the high conviction trade setup & the combination of multiple simple and advanced techniques along with temperament is required.

The power of simple pattern with the application of [P] square Elliot Waves will provide the objectivity. The combination of multiple tools and appropriate risk and money management strategies is key to successful trading.

Another question to ask is, Is it the right time to invest in stock ?

There is a big STAR trading opportunity in short, medium and long term coming up for the stockL

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some of the counts and techniques are intentionally excluded in charts.

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