“Come let’s learn to identify the trade setups together”

Learn to identify low risk high probable trade setups from our Trade Quest Hut every week …

Trade Quest is a weekend online session or a webinar for traders who are willing to learn or know how current trends of the key Indian Indices (NITFY, Bank NIFTY, NIFTY IT), Global markets, and commodities (Crude, Gold, Silver, Copper & other metals) are panning out. This session intends to teach you ways to identify various key supply & demand zones.

The key contents of the session are as follows:

■ Learn to Identify key supply and demand zone every week

■ Know the range for Indian key Indices , Commodities & global markets outlook

■ Learn to Identify the probable trends of sectorial Indian Indices with charts

■ Learn the practical methods to identify outperforming and underperforming sectors to invest and gain competitive advanced being prepared for the forthcoming week

■ One Trading Strategy every week to learn

We believe “Fortune favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur and “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – Benjamin Franklin. Thus join us and let’s together prepare to gain competitive edge by preparing for the forthcoming week on what lies ahead with proper strategic planning in our Trade Quest Hut.


The webinar is conducted every weekend through online platform

For more details contact Us on or +91 78291 55900


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